What updates are included in my hosting?

Recently Artful have made changes to our processes to ensure your websites are kept up to date and secure. We endeavour to maintain the security of your site by updating all integral CMS (Joomla/Wordpress etc) core extensions at no extra charge to you, as part of your hosting agreement.  Core extensions are those that we have used on your site, usually for backup and security functionality, that are created and maintained by trusted third party developers.

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SCAM ALERT: Don't let your domain name fall into the wrong hands!

We have become aware of a number of scam emails doing the rounds informing you that your domain has expired and requires payment for renewal.  Unfortunately a couple of our clients have been caught out and have made payment!
How to avoid being scammed
  • Check the sender of the email. If Artful manages your domain name/s, then our emails regarding domain name renewals are the only ones you should pay attention to!
  • If we don't, check whether the email has come from your domain name provider.
  • Confirm that the domain name in the unsolicited email/invoice matches yours exactly.  It may have one letter different.
  • Check whether your domain name is actually due for renewal.
  • If you are EVER unsure forward us a copy and we can have a look for you.

Don't let your domain name fall into the wrong hands!

Contact us on 1300 278 385 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. anytime. We are more than happy to help :) 

Tins & String

Are you thinking that heading back to the days of communicating via 'tins and string' would be far easier than managing your mailbox?   You're not alone.
There are heaps of articles out there on how to manage your mailbox.
Here at Artful we have compiled a list of some of the more helpful tips, that all about creating good habits when managing your email.
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Websites for the Visually impaired

There has recently been an influx of spam emails in Australia from an amywils.1976@gmail suggesting that she is having problems navigating your website because she is visually impaired and your website is not compatible with screen readers.
If you receive this email, please cheerfully ignore and delete as it is actually just SPAM.
Joomla, Wordpress and Opencart (the main CMS's we use to build your websites) have been created with screen readers and visual impairment in mind. When we build your website we also take steps to ensure your website is usable for the visually impaired.
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