Websites for the Visually impaired

There has recently been an influx of spam emails in Australia from an amywils.1976@gmail suggesting that she is having problems navigating your website because she is visually impaired and your website is not compatible with screen readers.
If you receive this email, please cheerfully ignore and delete as it is actually just SPAM.
Joomla, Wordpress and Opencart (the main CMS's we use to build your websites) have been created with screen readers and visual impairment in mind. When we build your website we also take steps to ensure your website is usable for the visually impaired.
 We add alt text names to your images so a screen reader can 'see' what the image is about and include user friendly link text as often as possible to ensure the site user understands where that link will take them. As our clients know we like to build sites that Google will love! This also helps greatly with accessibility. The reason we prefer text over images is so Google can read your content. Google is a bit like a visually impaired person in that it can read text but doesn't "see" images. Google also generally rewards websites that are accessible to all users so good web building practices as above will get a "tick" from Google too
We follow the basic usability guidelines to try to improve your sites use for the visually impaired. However there are more options available if you would like your site to be more user friendly to those with vision issues. We can add extensions/plugins that allow the user to increase font size, or increase the general contrast of your site or even text to speech plugins in some cases.
If you would like to review and improve the usability for your website in any way, please just ask us!