Why Joomla?

When we meet with clients for the first time and mention that we develop our sites using Joomla, most ask us; What is Joomla? 
Joomla has always been an open source content management product which means there are thousands of free templates and extensions available which allow you to customise your website design easily and often without the need to hard code. There is also a fantastic community of developers and users out there always ready and willing to provide support and answer any questions or queries you may have. 

Here are some further reasons why we choose Joomla.

- Fully customisable with a wide range of 3rd party integration options, including e-commerce facilities.
- Versatile for business, personal, community websites
- Great organic SEO options out of the box (no plugin required)
- Reliable support from developers in most cases
- Regular security updates and alerts for software
- Trusted backup software
- Portable. Not locked in to any one hosting service.
- Multilingual, allows users to install Joomla in over 75 different languages. 

Artful has been using Joomla for many years, pretty much since it was launched way back in 2005. The are many different content management systems out there. Finding the one that best serves your particular purpose is often something that clients struggle with.

As Joomla is so customisable and user friendly, we believe that it can be used from a small community blog right through to a larger commercial website.
Check out some of our more recent projects in our portfolio and get in touch with us about building a Joomla site for you!

Not every project is suited to Joomla and at Artful we are unbiased when it comes to selecting a website platform. We always put our client's business interests first and build websites using Wordpress and Opencart e-commerce platforms where appropriate.