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We're based in Donvale, east of Melbourne. The whole team are Melbourne locals (or were*) We have a team of very experienced, local Joomla web designers, developers and programmers with a minimum! 8 years Joomla experience each. We are also a hosting company that host Joomla Websites too.  Stay local and host your Joomla Website in Australia!   Call us, meet us and get help with your Joomla website or development right here in Melbourne.

*Chrysti (10yrs Joomla exp) has since moved to Bendigo. So Melbourne and regional  lockdowns permitting she's regularly here in Melbourne to meet clients. Marguerite (8yrs Joomla exp) has moved from Melbourne back to Ireland. She now does a lot of our Joomla security hardening work overnight Melbourne time as well as Joomla design. But we can't get her back to Melbourne!

Please read on for more of our team's Joomla exerience and our involvment with the Melbourne Joomla scene from the very early days

Nick "I've been doing Joomla in Melbourne since before there was a Joomla!" 
Nick (our boss) and Artful were making websites in Melbourne with Mambo, Joomla's first name, from around late 04 to early 05. He remembers being really nervous when the Joomla community moved away from Mambo in Aug 05. "We'd done a few Mambo websites by then. It seemed like a great system and the change to Joomla made me very nervous."

However Nick joined the new Joomla forum on Tue Aug 23, 2005. "I think it was the first day of Joomla"

Later he helped organise the first Joomla event in Melbourne. The famous overflowing 1st meeting at a cafe in Swanston St Melb that was the start of Melbourne Joomla Days (conferences) and the Melbourne Joomla Users Group, the Melbourne JUG.

"I think the Melbourne JUG site may say that I organised the 1st meeting but that isn't true. I noticed 2 Melbourne based members of the Core Joomla Team talking on the Joomla forum about meeting each other when back in Melbourne. So, from memory, I just kind of nagged Brad Baker and Russ Winter into making their catchup public. Then, in a fit of super keenness I put up a list of venues and beat the drum. I think my spamming the forum might be why some thought I was the organiser but I was really just a keen gatecrasher!

Everyone was amazed at how many expressed interest. Even more showed up unannounced! It was kind of comical. The cafe had to keep adding tables and chairs but eventually we spilled into the street. But I am super proud that I was there and helped organise it. That meeting at the Cafe was the start of the whole Melbourne Joomla scene. Lots of really key Joomla people in Melbourne trace back to that cafe meeting.

More to come soon...  (when we tease it out of the rest of the team)

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