Famous Joomla Sites

We often get asked about high profile Joomla sites. One of the really nice things about Joomla is that its powerful enough to run even the most complex or high traffic websites while still being simple enough for "normal" humans to use. We mostly use Joomla for small and medium business websites. Still its nice to know that it can grow with you if you ever need to run a huge empire!

So here's a list (in no real order) of well known or large websites that we find using Joomla. 


(Its not actually obvious from the outside to tell if a website uses Joomla or not. So if you know a prominent Joomla site  for the list (especially Australian or Melbourne websites) please let us know.

High Court of Australia

Nice clean template and well organised menu to allow access to their huge volume of case files.

Tourism Vic

Tourism Vic corporate website

Country Fire Authority (CFA)

The CFA's community site is done in Joomla. The main site still seems to be a plain HTML site though

Victoria Police news site

Nice Joomla 1.5 site packed with info but still very well laid out. We loved the  MyPlace feature where you can look up local crime stats.

Victorian Government 

Ted seems to have  redone many of the Victorian government sites in Joomla including his own.

Indonesian Government

Ok its not Australian but it is a pretty big site! Its nice to know that if you ever need to run a country of 240 million people you can still use Joomla!

Eiffel Tower

Its also reassuring to know if your business becomes an international icon with 7 million visitors a year, your website will be able to keep up.