Google Tune Ups / Performance Review

Its easy to win with Google. The sad thing is most businesses don't even bother...

This Google stuff; is it nerdy and hard?

No not at all. We speak to a lot of businesses about Google. Nine times out of ten when we look at what they need to do to rank more highly in Google its pretty basic. Most of it is fairly common sense and we are adding articles with more detail all the time. 

So is it worth the effort?

Oh yes definitely, a higher position in Google will generate much more traffic for your website. In an article in our Google Tips section, we show one example of a dramatic increase in visitors for a pretty average Australian business after they did just a few things to optimise their website for google.

Sounds great - What are the steps?

The number one tip is just to know what your clients are searching for. You can't win in Google if you don't know what you want to win for. Do some inspired guess work, ask clients (or even friends rellies etc). This is pretty obvious but read the other tips on our site or contact us for more Google info.