G'Day All,
Here's my shortlist for IT support people. I'd suggest you speak to all of them and see who seems to be the best fit for you. But basically if I was looking for someone, this would be my shortlist. They've all done work for us and/or our clients and received good feedback.

I guess it had to happen! phishing scammers are now targeting business owners' webhosting usernames and passwords. This lets them use your website to host viruses, add links to malicious sites or send spam.

Most people are aware of phishing email scams that target your bank passwords. However this new nasty idea of targetting website owners is easier to get caught by. Basically by sending an email with web hosting jargon they aim to con website owners into revealing their login details.

Please read the full article for simple  tips on spotting the scam.

As always check links carefully and if any email seems suspicious please always check with us first. We much prefer to answer questions now than hear about any disaster later!

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